Ted Roberts – Have You Heard of Him?

I recently visited a church and was pleasantly surprised by a guest speaker by the name of Ted Roberts.  The guy has been around for a long time so I don’t know why I’d never heard of him but I hadn’t.  Well I have to tell you that he caught my attention from the moment he took the platform and held it until the service was over.

Ted has an interesting background of finding God while serving as a Marine fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and was called out of a career in the military to Pastoral ministry.  He came out of the military and earned a Masters and Doctorate degree.

I usually judge the value of a sermon by the number of pages of notes I take.  I typically take less than one page – today I took almost four! This guy not only inspired me but helped me come to terms with something that I’ve been battling with for a while.  He is a great communicator with witty sense of humor.

His message was to challenge all of us to identify the strongholds in our lives, confront them and deal with them.  The idea being that strongholds hold us back from achieving what God has called us to.  Strongholds can be something as minor as harboring unforgiveness toward someone or as major as addictive behaviors – but either can have a major impact on our lives and our ability to fulfill God’s plan for us.

Dr. Roberts is the founder of Pure Desire Ministries International which specializes in counseling for ministry leaders.  PDMI COUNSELING CENTER is a specialized practice treating sexual addiction and intimacy disorders, as well as the effects of abuse and trauma for pastors and church leadership.

This video reveals some shocking statistics that should not be ignored.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear Dr. Roberts speak, it will be time well spent in learning how overcoming strongholds can help us fulfill the call that God has put on our lives.

Have you ever heard this guy speak?


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