Critical Success Factor Examples

Whether you are managing a restaurant, nonprofit organization or a church, it is important to know that you are focusing on those things that help move the organization forward and achieving results.

Anyone who manages an organization understands how challenging it is to stop the day-to-day tasks and check to see how well the organization is performing.

It has been said that what gets measured, gets done but finding an easy way to evaluate how the organization is doing is what keeps many in leadership from doing so.

CSFA quality improvement tool that many organizations use is Critical Success Factors (CSF) which are indicators that measure how well an organization is accomplishing its strategic plan and objectives.

CSF are customized to each organization and help provide focus to steer the organization toward fulfilling its mission and vision through strategic objectives. These indicators of success are used to identify those things, that if done well, lead to breakthrough results.

Most organizations have between eight and twelve CSF and adjust them as strategy and strategic plans change. Having too many measures can make it difficult to target those things that would achieve the greatest results.  Having too few limits the organization’s ability to move to the next level.

It is important to have SMART Goals attached to the CSF measures so there is a strategy and timeline for achieving targets.  
As a general rule of thumb, CSF should target those things that affect quality, cost, customer satisfaction, market share and increased revenues.
Targeting these indicators and monitoring them monthly provides a quick visual for how successful the organization is and keeping goals at the forefront is the best way to ensure they are achieved.

4 Critical Success Factor Examples

Example 1 – Restaurant Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factor
Customer Satisfaction 83% extremely satisfied
Market Share 20% of 10 mile radius
Employee Turnover 25% per year
Food Quality 5% returned meals

 Example #2 – Non-profit Organization Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factor
Number of Donors 15,000 monthly donors
People Served 2000 per month
Volunteers 350 active volunteers
Customer Satisfaction 92% extremely satisfied

Example #3 – Church Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factor
Weekly Attendance 1000 per week
Volunteers 200 active volunteers
Sunday School Attendance 350 per week
Weekly Contributions $20,000 per week
Visitors 25 per month
Customer Satisfaction 88% extremely satisfied

Example #4 – Car Dealer Critical Success Factors

Sales Volume 150 units per month
Diagnostic Accuracy 3% error rate
Customer Satisfaction 95% extremely satisfied
Market Share 15% within 10 mile radius

These are merely examples of the kinds of indicators that can be targeted and measured for success. Like any other business goals, CSF are only as good as they are monitored, measured and tracked for performance. There should be reporting processes put in place and these indicators should be reviewed on a monthly basis by senior leaders of the organization.

Successful organizations have learned how to tie their CSF to their strategic plans and use business goals to accomplish them. This is all part of a well designed performance management system.

Does your organization know what their indicators of success are?

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