4 Communication Mistakes Church Leaders Make

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Communication is an avenue to share thoughts and information. Successful organizations understand the importance of good communication because when leadership fails to communicate effectively, issues arise, conflict presents itself and organizational momentum slows.

Everyone has different preferences for receiving communication, but we all crave communication. It is what engages us in our relationships, our employment, and our church.

When employees have a good understand what, and why, things are happening within the church they feel valued and engaged.  Read the Full Article →

Church Mergers – 10 Things to Consider

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I was having lunch with a friend the other day whose church is contemplating merging with another church in their area. Their pastor was approached by the leadership of the other church and was offered the invitation. They have experienced significant church growth and have outgrown their current facility. The other church has a larger facility which makes the merger appealing to them. Read the Full Article →

Hiring Process for Church Employees


Managing church employees is every bit as challenging as managing people in any other setting.  A church is only as strong as the people who do the work and weak employees can affect the customer experience and the ability to meet objectives.  Having a strong church staff requires:

Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, the right people in the right seats and then figure out where to drive.”  Jim Collins –  Good to Great

Getting the right people on the bus involves a great recruitment strategy that includes screening, interviewing, orientation and training.  Read the Full Article →

Church Budget – 6 Reasons to Develop a Church Budget

Money - Black and White Money

God blesses churches with tithing members to provide the resources to do the work of the ministry.  Good stewardship of those resources is a significant responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Churches that use an operating budget are equipped to target and control spending. Creating a budgeting process can help to ensure that dollars are allocated to those things that help fulfill the church mission and vision. Read the Full Article →

4 Tips For Handling Church Staff Problems


The funny thing about working on staff at a church is that most people have the perception that you sit around all day reading the bible and listening to praise and worship music.  Anyone who has ever worked for a church knows how far that is from the truth.

In fact, I think most church employees would say their responsibilities are even greater because of the limited resources for paid employees and the dependency on volunteer labor.

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Do You Have Standards for Service? – Customer Service Standards Examples

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It is always refreshing to encounter organizations that provide over-the-top service. These great experiences create that wow moment that makes you want to maintain the relationship with that service provider.

Those wow moments can be the result of an employee who goes out of their way to escort you to a location in the store to find an item you were looking for; or perhaps a waitress who chases you to your car to deliver the credit card that you left; or maybe the physician who calls you late after a long day to check on you. Read the Full Article →

Sample Church Agenda – Developing A Mission and Vision Statement

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I was recently asked to help someone think through and plan a meeting to facilitate a session to develop a mission, vision and values statement (MVV).  The mission answers the question why the organization exists, the vision points to where it is headed and the values are the guiding principles for prioritization, behaviors and decision making.

I am always excited when I speak to an organization that has gotten the revelation that a mission and vision statement serves as a guide to influence direction, strategy and decision making. Read the Full Article →

7 Things To Include In a Voicemail Message – Example Church Voicemail


Voice-mail is an electronic system that is used to record and store voice messages when we are away from our phones. I was around back in the day when there were no electronic tools used to answer the telephone.

Early in my career, office phones had to be answered by a live person or risk missing a phone call and losing a potential customer. Read the Full Article →

Are Your Church Employees Burned Out?


Churches are unique places to work because the “shop is open” at times when most people are resting from their work week. Weekend services, mid-week church meetings, small groups and special events all take their toll on church employees. And let’s be real, working every weekend can be difficult.

This dynamic creates a unique challenge for church leadership, to ensure that employees fulfill their job duties but also that they don’t get burned out in the process. Read the Full Article →

3 Common Errors in Managing Church Finances

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Managing church finances requires having an understanding of tax laws that affect the day-to-day operation of the ministry. Because the laws can be complex, and not always easy to understand, churches occasionally do things inadvertently that can be problematic.

Staying compliant with the tax code is often directly related to how the church finances are managed.

As stated by Dan Busby in an article written by Church Law and Tax, there are three common errors that churches make when managing their finances – fair compensation, pastoral expense reporting and handling of restricted gifts. Read the Full Article →