Church Sexual Predators – 5 Steps to Protect Your Ministry Against Sexual Preditors


The recent allegations of child molestation by Stephen Collins is yet another example of how child abuse in America is growing at epidemic proportions. Stories about child abuse of minors seems to be a regular topic on the evening news with one disturbing allegation after another.

Churches are no exception to these accusations and should take steps to create a safe place for their children and youth. Read the Full Article →

8 Tips for Being a Great Manager!


Anyone who has ever been in a management position, understands the challenges that come with managing employees.

Managers have the responsibility of helping employees develop job skills and holding employees accountable for completing job responsibilities.

Being in a management position requires an aptitude for dealing with the many diverse aspects of interacting with employees and a great manager cares about the employee on a personal level as well as the employee’s ability to accomplish key responsibilities. Read the Full Article →

Growing your Church – 7 Keys to Church Growth

church growth

Growing a church requires a vision, thought and strategy.  Successful churches are those that follow a God-given vision and mission, define the  steps to get there and implement their strategic plan.

The beauty of the body of Christ is that God uses everyone in a slightly different way and those unique qualities, that each church possesses, is what God uses to create a beautiful tapestry of churches.

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8 Things I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving


I love this time of year! I now live in Southwest Florida and do miss the change of seasons, and the excitement that comes with autumn and the anticipation of entering into a new season.  I know a lot of people who dread fall because the new season tends to be cold.

I don’t necessarily like the cold weather, which is why we relocated to a warmer climate, but I do enjoy hunkering down by the fire and watching a classic movie.  Read the Full Article →

2015 Average Salary Pay Increase Projections

mercer report

The last couple of years have been financially challenging  for many churches because of the toll the recession has had on donations. This has unfortunately, resulted in salary freezes or minimal pay increases for church employees.

The good news is, church donations are on the upswing again and according to a Barna study, giving is up again.

David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, put the findings in context. Read the Full Article →

7 Reasons to Write Down Your Church Policies and Procedures

church policies and procedures

Churches are birthed out of a desire to help people discover the transformation that comes from learning, and living life based on biblical principles.

Every founding pastor can probably tell you when they first felt this aspiration and how it led them down a path to pioneer a church.  Churches grow when they provide members with solid biblical teaching and discipleship that is supported by structured systems and processes. Read the Full Article →

Sample Code-of-Ethics and Conduct for Church Leaders

ethical behavior

Many organizations create code-of-ethics and conduct statements as a way to communicate established boundaries and set expectations for employee behaviors. This document also serves as a tool to help guide decision making and actions that demonstrate self regulation.

Code-of-ethics and conduct statements are typically developed at the board or leadership level and filtered throughout the organization through training and the new employee orientation process.

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Decision Making Process – 4 Decision Making Tips

fork in road

Managing church operations presents many challenges and decision making is at the core of all managerial functions.

There are many approaches to decision making in business management and it is important to have consistency in the managerial decision making process.

There are daily decision that need to be made and a structured process helps to ensure that all decisions are made in a consistent, unbiased and principled manner. Read the Full Article →

2015 Church Planning – 7 Things to Think About


It’s hard to believe but we are already into the 4th quarter of 2014.  As we move closer to the end of the year it might be a good time to think about those things your church should be doing now to plan for 2015.

There is an old saying “If you fail to plan – you plan to fail”.  Planning helps us stay focused on those things that help move us closer to achieving our mission.  

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4 Communication Mistakes Church Leaders Make

church communication

Communication is an avenue to share thoughts and information. Successful organizations understand the importance of good communication because when leadership fails to communicate effectively, issues arise, conflict presents itself and organizational momentum slows.

Everyone has different preferences for receiving communication, but we all crave communication. It is what engages us in our relationships, our employment, and our church.

When employees have a good understand what, and why, things are happening within the church they feel valued and engaged.  Read the Full Article →