Who Makes Church Decisions?

Church decisions should be made based on the mission of the church, the strategy for achieving that mission and corresponding goals to implement strategy. Decision makers are those who have day-to-day responsibility for completing goals.

I recently had an email from a reader asking “who should make the decisions at a church”?  This is a loaded, but great question!

Churches are lot many other organizations in that people have opinions and can have strong feelings about how things are done. The tensions that arise as a result of church decision making are healthy – but often challenging. Read the Full Article →

Critical Success Factor Examples

A quality improvement tool that many organizations use is Critical Success Factors (CSF) which are indicators that measure how well an organization is accomplishing its strategic plan and objectives.

Whether you are managing a restaurant, nonprofit organization or a church, it is important to know that you are focusing on those things that help move the organization forward and achieving results.

Anyone who manages an organization understands how challenging it is to stop the day-to-day tasks and check to see how well the organization is performing.

It has been said that what gets measured, gets done but finding an easy way to evaluate how the organization is doing is what keeps many in leadership from doing so. Read the Full Article →

Are Church Employees Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

A lot of people don’t realize the church exemption for unemployment compensation.

I was recently asked if church employees get unemployment benefits.

It is an interesting question because a lot of people don’t realize that “ Churches and religious organizations are not liable for FUTA

Let’s start by explaining what unemployment benefits are and who is eligible for them.

Unemployment benefits are available to workers who lose their job involuntarily because of reasons out of their control and meet basic state law eligibility requirements. Read the Full Article →

10 Functions of a Church Volunteer Program

volunteer programs have certain functions and responsibilities. Check out these 10 to get you started.

Churches are  dependent on volunteer labor and wouldn’t be able to open their doors without an army of dedicated people who are committed to its mission.  Volunteers are what make the church!

Developing a program to  manage volunteers helps to ensure that the people who give of their time will experience an efficient and customer friendly process.

10 Functions of a Volunteer Program

8 Questions to Consider Before Promoting that Employee to Supervisor

Thing s you should consider before transitioning that employee to a supervisor.

I was recently speaking to a friend who shared that he had been offered a promotion into a supervisory role but turned it down.  He went on to explain that he loved what he did as an IT programmer, and wasn’t interested in the management aspect of the job.

Money was not an incentive for him because enjoying his work was more important than money. Read the Full Article →

Merry Christmas!

I love this time of year and thought I would share a couple of fun Christmas videos to get you in the spirit!

The first one is:  Mary Did You Know

Little Drummer Boy


Great Christmas flash mob by the United States Air Force Band at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

This one is just entertaining! Enjoy!

Thanks for following this website and I pray you have a very Merry Christmas! Read the Full Article →

5 Steps to Protect Your Ministry Against Sexual Predators

Church leadership needs to recognize the huge responsibility they have to keep their kids safe and take the necessary steps to guard against pedophiles.

The recent allegations of child molestation by Stephen Collins is yet another example of how child abuse in America is an issue of concern. Stories about child abuse of minors seems to be a regular topic on the evening news with one disturbing allegation after another.

Churches are no exception to these accusations and should take steps to create a safe place for their children and youth. Read the Full Article →

8 Tips for Being a Great Manager!

great tips to help you better manage your employees!

Anyone who has ever been in a management position, understands the challenges that come with managing employees.

Managers have the responsibility of helping employees develop job skills and holding employees accountable for completing job responsibilities.

Being in a management position requires an aptitude for dealing with the many diverse aspects of interacting with employees and a great manager cares about the employee on a personal level as well as the employee’s ability to accomplish key responsibilities. Read the Full Article →

7 Keys to Church Growth

7 keys to growing your church.

Growing a church requires a vision, thought and strategy.  Successful churches are those that follow a God-given vision and mission, define the  steps to get there and implement their strategic plan.

The beauty of the body of Christ is that God uses everyone in a slightly different way and those unique qualities, that each church possesses, is what God uses to create a beautiful tapestry of churches.

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8 Things I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

what are you thankful for?

I love this time of year! I now live in Southwest Florida and do miss the change of seasons, and the excitement that comes with autumn and the anticipation of entering into a new season.  I know a lot of people who dread fall because the new season tends to be cold.

I don’t necessarily like the cold weather, which is why we relocated to a warmer climate, but I do enjoy hunkering down by the fire and watching a classic movie.  Read the Full Article →