7 Things To Include In a Voicemail Message – Example Church Voicemail

Do you need an example of what to put in your church voicemail? here's an example.

Voice-mail is an electronic system that is used to record and store voice messages when we are away from our phones. I was around back in the day when there were no electronic tools used to answer the telephone.

Early in my career, office phones had to be answered by a live person or risk missing a phone call and losing a potential customer. Read the Full Article →

Creating a Customer Service Strategy


Churches and nonprofit organizations are becoming more aware of the need to identify who their customers are and strategically taking steps to create a positive experience. In the church, customers can be defined as members, volunteers and employees.

Creating a positive experience for these key customer groups is important because members fund the church, volunteers are the labor and employees facilitate the process. Read the Full Article →

6 Survey Questions to ask Church Visitors

first time visitor survey

Attracting visitors to your church is the first step in achieving church growth.

Understanding the visitor experience can provide valuable information that can be used to create a first time experience that makes the visitor want to come back and hopefully join the church.

When I visit a church there are several things I pay attention to. I like going someplace that is welcoming, comfortable and consistent with my belief system. Read the Full Article →

3 Reasons to Explain Church Policy

Today the pastor did a great sermon explaining why the church does some of the things they do. He explained to members why some things are done and appealed to members to support church volunteers and employees.

As many of you know my husband and I recently moved from the Midwest to Southwest Florida in an effort to escape the cold and on a quest to find out what the next season in our lives will bring.  As part of that quest we have been looking for a home church.

There is a church we have visited several times and are getting close to taking the step of joining. Read the Full Article →

4 Reasons to Host a Vacation Bible School

There is a Barna study that suggests that 68% of churches offered a Vacation Bible School (VBS) in 2012 which is down from 81% in 1997. The study states that 30% of churches have stopped hosting VBS because of a lack of volunteers and 19% because of not enough time.

I was an adult when I became a Christian and didn’t have the Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience as a child. I knew kids who went to VBS but I was never invited to attend.

Interestingly though, any adult Christian that I know can speak to their childhood VBS memories.

Since I’ve been a Christian I’ve had the honor of being a part of a great VBS and can see the benefit of investing the time and resources into this great summer event for kids. Read the Full Article →

6 Things You Can Learn From My Church Visit Experience

There are many things that impact a member’s church experience and each is important. My background is in quality management so I pay attention to small details, systems and processes that affect the church experience.

We recently relocated to southwest Florida and, as we continue our quest to find a permanent home, we are visiting churches.

My goal is to find a church for my husband and I and then we hope to purchase a home close to our church.

I worked on staff at a large church for ten years and now help churches develop plans to improve the way they manage their people, time and money, so I have an interesting perspective when I visit a church. Read the Full Article →

5 Ideas for Recruiting New Church Members

Most churches welcome new members but don’t do anything proactively to recruit them. If people show up they welcome them but they don’t necessarily do anything to get them there. This creates a gap between opportunity and met needs.

People go to church to have their spiritual and social needs met.

Finding the right church can be difficult for people because they may not always know how to find a church that is culturally and doctrinally compatiblewith their demographic and beliefs.

Some people will church shop until they find a church that is the right fit for them but what about those people out there who might be open to joining a church but don’t know how to? Read the Full Article →

6 Things a Guest Will Evaluate While Visiting Your Church

Many people will visit a church several times before making a decision to call that church home. The challenging part, particularly for churches of a few hundred people, is that visitors can sneak in and out without anyone even knowing they were there.

True church growth is a result of a positive church experience, members inviting family and friends as well as a reputation that is spread by word-of-mouth.

Many people will visit a church several times before making a decision to call that church home.

The challenging part, particularly for churches of a few hundred people, is that visitors can sneak in and out without anyone even knowing they were there. Read the Full Article →

13 Sample Questions for a Church Survey

Soliciting feedback is one way to determine the perception of how well the church is meeting member needs.

People get involved in the local church to develop relationships, grow spiritually and participate in the mission of the organization.  The member benefits from the opportunities they are given and the church benefits through member financial support and free labor to fulfill its mission. If done well, it is a win-win!

Tensions arise when either party feels like their needs are not being met.   Read the Full Article →