Church Sexual Predators – 5 Steps to Protect Your Ministry Against Sexual Preditors


The recent allegations of child molestation by Stephen Collins is yet another example of how child abuse in America is growing at epidemic proportions. Stories about child abuse of minors seems to be a regular topic on the evening news with one disturbing allegation after another.

Churches are no exception to these accusations and should take steps to create a safe place for their children and youth. Read the Full Article →

Volunteer Engagement Strategy

volunteer engagement strategy

Volunteers provide free labor for churches, and the secret to recruiting and retaining great volunteers, is to keep them engaged.

This requires a volunteer engagement strategy which is based on the organizations’ ability to help them feel like what they do adds value, helps fulfill the mission and that they make a difference.

Organizations that do a good job of engaging their volunteers find that the volunteers are excited about what they do and give more than is asked of them. Read the Full Article →

4 Tips on Managing Church Volunteers


Effective volunteer management is critical to the success of any nonprofit, church or ministry organization.

Many churches rely heavily on volunteer labor because they don’t have the resources for paid staff.

Successful churches have systems and processes in place to oversee and manage volunteers to ensure two things – a great worker experience and to make certain that volunteer jobs are performed correctly. Read the Full Article →

Example Church Volunteer Job Description

volunteer job description

Effective volunteer management involves good communication and coordination of job duties.

Like employees, it is important for volunteers to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and given the training and tools to perform job tasks.

A well-run volunteer program will include a streamlined process to recruit, place and train volunteers in a role that best matches their personality, interests and skill-set. Read the Full Article →

Communicating Bad News to a Volunteer


I recently had a manicure and pedicure by a delightful woman. We will call her Rachel to protect her anonymity.  When Rachel learned what I did for a living she shared an interesting story with me.

Rachel tearfully shared that she had been fired as a children’s ministry volunteer because of a picture that she was tagged in that was posted on Facebook. Read the Full Article →

How Often Should We Run a Criminal Background Check On Volunteers?

church volunteer

I recently had someone ask me how often they should run criminal background checks on volunteers.  I’m of the opinion that every volunteer should go through a thorough background screening as part of their volunteer application process and rechecked every couple of years. Gone are the days when background checks were only done on people who work with children.

The screening process is important because of the legal risks that now face churches and their responsibility for screening both employees and volunteers.   Read the Full Article →

Volunteer Satisfaction Surveys – 4 Opportunities to Ask Questions

volunteer satisfaction survey sample

Volunteers give of their time because they care about the organization and have a passion for its vision and mission.  Keeping volunteers engaged ensures maintaining a long term relationship and one way to engage them is to provide an opportunity to offer feedback to the organization. This makes it important to create a system that facilitates two-way communication between the organization and its volunteers. Read the Full Article →

15 Elements to Planning a Volunteer Appreciation Event

event budget


Planning events to thank and show appreciation to volunteers can be fun and rewarding.  The trick is to be organized in the planning and strategic in the delivery. Whether you are planning a training event, an appreciation dinner, new volunteer orientation or a volunteer recruitment fair – the planning model should be the same and include the same basic elements. Read the Full Article →

Firing a Church Volunteer – 6 Steps to Letting a Church Volunteer Go

church volunteer

Church volunteers are the engine of the operation and without them most churches would not be able to support the services they provide.  Volunteers donate thousands of hours each year to sustain the functions of the church and need to be managed well to ensure continued loyalty.  Managing church volunteers can be challenging because they are volunteers – free labor!  Volunteer oversight requires flexibility, patience and creativity in planning and scheduling.   Read the Full Article →

Church Volunteer Management – 12 Things Volunteers Expect

church volunteer

Volunteers give of their time to help a church fulfill its mission and have basic expectations.  Successful volunteer programs are able to create a positive work experience  by providing the organization and support to the volunteer and their job assignments.

People who donate their time naturally expect to have a positive experience.  Good volunteer management incorporates many things that contribute to a positive experience for the volunteer. Read the Full Article →