Are Church Employees Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

A lot of people don’t realize the church exemption for unemployment compensation.

I was recently asked if church employees get unemployment benefits.

It is an interesting question because a lot of people don’t realize that “ Churches and religious organizations are not liable for FUTA

Let’s start by explaining what unemployment benefits are and who is eligible for them.

Unemployment benefits are available to workers who lose their job involuntarily because of reasons out of their control and meet basic state law eligibility requirements. Read the Full Article →

8 Questions to Consider Before Promoting that Employee to Supervisor

Thing s you should consider before transitioning that employee to a supervisor.

I was recently speaking to a friend who shared that he had been offered a promotion into a supervisory role but turned it down.  He went on to explain that he loved what he did as an IT programmer, and wasn’t interested in the management aspect of the job.

Money was not an incentive for him because enjoying his work was more important than money. Read the Full Article →

8 Tips for Being a Great Manager!

great tips to help you better manage your employees!

Anyone who has ever been in a management position, understands the challenges that come with managing employees.

Managers have the responsibility of helping employees develop job skills and holding employees accountable for completing job responsibilities.

Being in a management position requires an aptitude for dealing with the many diverse aspects of interacting with employees and a great manager cares about the employee on a personal level as well as the employee’s ability to accomplish key responsibilities. Read the Full Article →

2015 Average Salary Pay Increase Projections

Have you budgeted for 2015 salaries yet? If not here are projections for pay increases.

The last couple of years have been financially challenging  for many churches because of the toll the recession has had on donations. This has unfortunately, resulted in salary freezes or minimal pay increases for church employees.

The good news is, church donations are on the upswing again and according to a Barna study, giving is up again.

David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, put the findings in context. Read the Full Article →

Hiring Process for Church Employees

does your church have a process to hire employees?

Managing church employees is every bit as challenging as managing people in any other setting.  A church is only as strong as the people who do the work and weak employees can affect the customer experience and the ability to meet objectives.  Having a strong church staff requires:

Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, the right people in the right seats and then figure out where to drive.”  Jim Collins –  Good to Great

Getting the right people on the bus involves a great recruitment strategy that includes screening, interviewing, orientation and training.  Read the Full Article →

4 Tips For Handling Church Staff Problems

Do you have issues with your church staff that you need help resolving?

The funny thing about working on staff at a church is that most people have the perception that you sit around all day reading the bible and listening to praise and worship music.  Anyone who has ever worked for a church knows how far that is from the truth.

In fact, I think most church employees would say their responsibilities are even greater because of the limited resources for paid employees and the dependency on volunteer labor.

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4 Employee Documentation Mistakes Managers Make

The whole point of documentation is to have the pertinent information available to justify performance appraisal scores or disciplinary action. It is important to focus on making notes on every employee conversation that involves performance or compliance with policies and procedures – both good and bad.

Managing church employees can be a very rewarding experience because influencing and participating in an employee’s professional development is just fun!

However, there are those difficult times when an employee just isn’t the right fit and needs to move on. These are very stressful times that result in lost sleep for the involved manager.

What adds to the difficulty is the sudden realization that the proper documentation of the months of issues is missing. Read the Full Article →

Example Training Evaluation Form

An effective training evaluation form can help to identify strengths in the class, weaknesses in the content and the training method or presentation. Understanding class strengths and weaknesses can be used to make changes to improve the class.

Churches that value quality and excellence, understand the importance of training its members, volunteers and employees.

Each of these groups of people has different training needs.

Church congregants may be required to attend a church membership class or participate in spiritual enrichment classes.

Volunteers may be trained on membership, volunteer orientation and volunteer job specific skill development.

Church employees have different training needs and should be oriented on things like policies and procedures, customer service skills and church computer software. Read the Full Article →

4 Things to Consider When Firing Church Staff

One of the most difficult aspects of managing church employees is the inevitable reality that there will come a time when an employee needs to be terminated.

One of the most difficult aspects of managing church employees is the inevitable reality that there will come a time when an employee needs to be terminated.

As Christians, we should be even more sensitive to how losing a job can impact an employee and their family.

This is coupled with the political fallout if the employee  and their extended family happen to be church members.

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5 Ways to Support an Employee Who Leaves Employment

It is important to support an employee through a job transition. Supporting the employee demonstrates gratitude and care for the time they spent working for your church.

When we hire employees, we like to think that they will stay with the church for decades. The reality is most people don’t stay with one job that long.

I believe that there are many seasons in someone’s professional life and some people experience long seasons in a job but others have shorter seasons. I also believe that if you are faithful with the season you are in, you will be prepared for the next season God has in store for you. Read the Full Article →