Church Employee Compensation Strategy

by Patricia July 30, 2013
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People who work for churches do so because of a calling and deserve the same compensation as someone working in any other type of organization.  Churches that are large enough to have a paid staff should intentionally consider the pay and benefits their employees receive. Church boards should develop a compensation strategy that lines up […]

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3 Reasons to Explain Church Policy

by Patricia July 23, 2013
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As most of you know my husband and I recently moved from St. Louis to Naples in an effort to escape the cold and on a quest to find out what the next season in our lives will bring.  As part of that quest we have been looking for a home church. There is a […]

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Does Your Church Host a VBS?

by Patricia July 17, 2013
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I was an adult when I became a Christian and didn’t have the Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience as a child. I knew kids who went to VBS but I was never invited to attend. Interestingly though, any adult Christian that I know can speak to their childhood VBS memories. Since I’ve been a Christian I’ve […]

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Who Makes Church Decisions?

by Patricia July 10, 2013
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I recently had an email from a reader asking “who should make the decisions at a church”?  This is a loaded but a great question! The tensions that arise concerning church decision making are healthy. Pastor Rule: A pastor feels called of God and tries to implement a vision God has given him for the […]

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Do These 10 Adjectives Describe Your Church?

by Patricia July 2, 2013
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As many of you know, we have relocated to southern Florida and have been on a quest to find a home church. Through this process I have learned more about what I personally am looking for in a church and have come up with ten adjectives that describe a church that is doing things in […]

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8 Time Management Tips

by Patricia June 25, 2013
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We can all agree that there are not enough hours in the day and often wonder how the day gets by without accomplishing more.  Time management is a skill that is difficult to master but can be done with a little planning and focus. As church leaders and employees we know that our salary is […]

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Social Media for Church Communications

by Patricia June 18, 2013

Ten years ago no one heard of Facebook or Twitter. Communicating with church members was typically done through email or printed copy with an occasional phone call. Big church events sometimes warranted a press release to share information to those outside the organization.    Churches are often laggards when it comes to technology trends but are […]

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6 Things You Can Learn From My Church Visit Experience

by Patricia June 12, 2013
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We recently relocated to southwest Florida and, as we continue our quest to find a permanent home, we are visiting churches.  My goal is to find a church for my husband and I and then we hope to purchase a home close to our church. I worked on staff at a large church for ten […]

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How to Build a Church Website for $100 Kindle Book Review

by Patricia May 15, 2013
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Many churches are a little behind the curve with establishing an internet presence. The world today seeks out information about churches online and ministries that either don’t have an online presence, or a stagnant website should consider taking steps to improve their online presence and should be part of a public relations strategy. One of […]

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Example Church Benevolence Assistance Policy

by Patricia May 7, 2013
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Most churches deal with requests for benevolence assistance at one time or another and creating a policy and procedure for church benevolence assistance helps to ensure consistency in practice. It is important to have church benevolence guidelines in place so everyone understands the steps to take when a request comes in.   A church benevolence policy […]

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