Introducing Employee Performance Management Training Series

Research suggests that employees go to work with the intention of doing a good job but are not always successful because of the way they are managed.  A major cause of employee stress is not knowing what is expected of them and never receiving feedback on how they are performing.

The concerning part of this is that it affects employee morale and ultimately productivity – and what organization can risk low performance?

What complicates this is the fact that managers sometimes avoid those difficult conversations because they lack the tools and training to make it a meaningful experience.  I read an interesting statistic that says 40% of employees never receive a performance evaluation – and of the 60% that do, most are poorly done.  I believe this is because managers lack the training and confidence to do a good job.

We are really excited to be launching our new Employee Performance Management Training series!  Because of the great interest in this subject we decided to create an affordable training solution that is designed to help anyone who manages employees.  This training was developed with the flexibility to take whenever it is convenient for you.

In this series we will share tips on writing SMART goals that are tied to your church’s strategy and how to hold employees accountable for completing assigned responsibilities. We will then walk you through the process of creating a performance appraisal document that is customized to your organization and the values you operate by. Then we will teach you how to monitor your employees’ performance, write that performance appraisal and have the conversation with the employee. Lastly we will wrap it all up by showing you how to tie performance scores to employee raises to ensure your better performing employees will get a bigger piece of the available raise dollars.

This is a six part series, each session is only 10-15 minutes long and includes links to all the forms we discuss in the training.

We are offering a money back guarantee on this training because we really believe that if you incorporate these concepts into your day-to-day management practices you will not only have more productive employees but the good performers will be motivated to continue performing well!

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You have nothing to lose and what you have to gain is learning how to help your employees help you get more done!

If you want to learn more click here and start your money back guarantee employee performance management training class.

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