Growing your Church – 7 Keys to Church Growth

church growth

Growing a church requires a vision, thought and strategy.  Successful churches are those that follow a God-given vision and mission, define the  steps to get there and implement their strategic plan.

The beauty of the body of Christ is that God uses everyone in a slightly different way and those unique qualities, that each church possesses, is what God uses to create a beautiful tapestry of churches.

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Does Your Church Need a Public Relations Strategy?

public relations strategy

The term public relations is defined by PRSA as:

“A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

But, do churches really need to manage public relations?  Should they care about building relationships with its members and the community?

The answer is yes.  The church represents Christianity and has the responsibility for making that representation reflective of who Christ is. Read the Full Article →

Church Vision – How to Write a Church Vision, Mission and Values Statement

Vision Statement with Iain Simons - 01

A vision statement provides direction and a target for the church.  It is a tool to help the organization fulfill what God has called it to do.  It is the bullseye!

The value of a church vision statement is that it gives church leadership, employees and congregants a shared goal.  Every organization needs to understand where it is going before it can develop a strategic plan and map out steps for how to get there.

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7 Steps to Implementing Church Strategy

vision sequence

Fulfilling a church’s mission requires taking the time to develop a strategy, planning the steps to get it done and management of the process.

Managing the process requires identifying who needs to do what, by when and holding them accountable for what they are responsible for doing.

A strategic plan is only as effective as the goals that are written to implement it.And, goals are only as effective as the people who are responsible for completing them.   Read the Full Article →

Church Planning – 4 Steps to Church Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is an important part of the creation, development and growth of any organization.  Ministries that are interested in church growth are not exempt from planning.

Church planning helps the organization map out strategic steps to achieve its mission and vision.

Churches can experience a level of success without a plan, but those who invest the time and resources into developing a specific strategy and plan can achieve success at a much quicker pace.

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Critical Success Factor Examples


Whether you are managing a restaurant, nonprofit organization or a church, it is important to know that you are focusing on those things that help move the organization forward and achieving results.

Anyone who manages an organization understands how challenging it is to stop the day-to-day tasks and check to see how well the organization is performing.

It has been said that what gets measured, gets done but finding an easy way to evaluate how the organization is doing is what keeps many in leadership from doing so. Read the Full Article →