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Hi!  My name is Patricia and I recently relocated from the Midwest to Southwest Florida where I am able to dodge the cold and now enjoy the winter months. lotich-family-Alden-1st

I have been married to my husband, Bob for three decades and we have two grown children.

We were blessed with our first grandson in 2014 and are loving the grandparent role where we can enjoy and spoil him, without the parental responsibilities!

If you would like to learn more about me, and my credentials, you can visit my About Page.

I created this website because of my passion to help churches! I love to help churches with the business side of doing church and assisting them to create systems and processes to manage their day-to-day operations!

I Understand Churches

Every day, churches overcome unique challenges, often with scarce resources.  Church leaders wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities. Time spent evaluating the organization, its services and developing effective strategies is time spent away from managing those key responsibilities – the congregation. That’s where Smart Church Management (SCM) Consulting Services can help.

My help can be as specific as vision clarification or as complex as strategic plan implementation. Whatever the project, here’s what you can expect from SCM:

  • Deep knowledge of business operations and church management;
  • Rich experience developing and implementing improvement plans;
  • Focused customer service in support of the project from ideation through completion.

How I Can Help!

I will work with your organization to help you think through strategy, performance, customer focus and human resource support.  Smart Church Management can help you answer the following questions!

How are we doing? 

SCM assesses the entire organization and makes recommendations on appropriate infrastructures to support development and growth.  Whether it is creating a budget, growing a children’s program or developing a dynamic volunteer program, I can help with strategy!

Where are we going? 

I can assist in the clarification, articulation, and creation of vision, mission, and values statements that help drive customer focus and decision making.

What is the plan to get there? 

I can help your ministry identify organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) and follow up with long term strategic plans that capitalizes on strengths and takes advantage of opportunities of growth.  A detailed strategic plan is designed to help churches go to the next level.

What are the steps to the plan and who will do them?

I help facilitate the development of organizational, departmental, and individual goals to support the global strategic plan.  Goal documents detail, the action steps, responsibility and timelines needed to accomplish strategy.

Is everyone doing what we want them to do?

I will help your church by facilitating the process of development of performance management processes that include employee evaluations, and rewards and incentives for organizational goal attainment.  I can also help develop strategies to manage the performance of volunteers.

How do we know if we are successful? 

I can assist in the identification of key indicators of organizational success and create monitoring processes.  Key indicators of success are critical to long-term decision making.  Success indicators may be things like church attendance, weekly contributions, volunteer participation or parent satisfaction with a children’s program – whatever lines up with your particular strategy.

Are our processes as strong as they could be?  

By using the FOCUS PDCA improvement methodology, SCM can help identify key church improvement opportunities as well as develop structured improvement processes.  Whether the improvement is how volunteers are managed or the process of church budgeting and planning, I am here to help!

Do churches really have customers?

Yes churches have customers and I can help develop processes to identify all key church customer groups and solicit feedback from each. I will next develop improvement plans to meet customer expectations and monitor customer satisfaction over time.

What can we learn from our customers? 

I help churches strategize, plan, and facilitate focus groups with all key customer groups – employees, congregants, donors or volunteers. What is learned from the focus group can be developed into an improvement and action plan.

Do our paid and unpaid staff know what to do?

I help churches create employee and volunteer job descriptions that support individual goals that ultimately support organizational goals.

Do our paid staff know how to do their job?  

Church staff need to have the most updated skills and perform at a very high level.  By utilizing a structured performance management process, I can help you identify employee training and development needs and create a developmental plan to foster employee professional growth.

Do our leaders know how to lead? 

I work with management to identify organizational leadership core competencies.  Once competencies are established, I assist in developing appropriate training to ensure uniform leadership behaviors for staff leadership as well as volunteer leadership groups.

Focused reflection brings clarity to what is important.

SCM can help strategize, plan, and facilitate a dynamic retreat that will re-energize and refocus the church board, employees and/or volunteers.

Next Steps

If you’d like to know more about how I can help your organization achieve more with less, contact me by filling out the form below.  Tell me about your challenges and your goals, and I’ll tell you how to overcome and reach them!

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