Employee Performance Management Training

In this training you will learn the importance of managing your employee’s performance and the necessary steps to ensuring a productive church staff.

We will show you how to write actionable goals that are translated into a goal document with assigned responsibility, we will then create a performance appraisal form that is customized to your ministry’s values and show you how to tie performance appraisal scores to raise distribution.


We suggest the following steps to get the most out of this training series:

  • Watch the videos in the order they are displayed because there is progression to the learning.
  • Stop in between each video and make note of action steps you can take for your church and do that homework before you move on to the next video.
  • Try not to watch all of the videos back to back because there is a lot of information to absorb.  Managing employee performance is a skill that is learned with time and practice.
  • Please shoot me an email with your feedback on the training!   Enjoy!


Videos in this series:

Employee-Performance-Management-Training Course

  1. Importance of Managing Performance
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Creating Performance Appraisal Form
  4. The Performance Appraisal Process
  5. Performance Appraisal Preparation
  6. Scoring the Performance Appraisal and Tying to Raises


Included Resources:


Session 1 – Managing Performance

In session 1 we will lay some groundwork and talk about the importance of managing employee performance and the advantages to having a structured process for achieving church strategic objectives.

Session 2 – Setting Goals

In session 2 we will talk about developing church goals and why they are important to help move a church forward.  We will then walk through creating goals that are measurable, accountable to someone and lastly creating that goal document.

Session 3 – Creating Performance Appraisal Form

In session 3 we will walk through the process for developing a performance appraisal form that incorporates your church’s values and employee responsibilities. This will include an example of a performance appraisal form that can be customized to your ministry.

Session 4 – Performance Appraisal Process

In session 4 we will get into the nitty gritty of the process of managing performance which includes the steps to implementing a church’s vision and the cycle of performance management.

Session 5 – Performance Appraisal Preparation

In session 5 we will create the performance appraisal and prepare ourselves for the conversation with the employee. This will include gathering the pertinent data for the conversation and spending the time ensuring the assessment of the employee is fair, relevant and complete.

Session 6 – Scoring and Raises

In session 6 we will take the performance appraisal scores and see how they are tied to raise distribution. This includes budgeting for raises and creating a process to reward the employees who perform well.

Next Steps

I’d love to help you as you process this new information.  Please email me at patricia@smartchurchmanagement.com with questions you might have.  I look forward to hearing from you!