5 Ways to Get New Church Members Involved

When new people visit your church they spend the first couple of weeks or even months evaluating what you do, what programs you offer, and if the church culture is a good match.  They want to know that there are programs available to meet their particular spiritual and social needs.

Many visitors hesitate making the commitment to membership because they may not understand the process or what they are committing to.  Helping new church members answer this question may be the key to getting them involved and participating in the mission of the church.

5  Ways to Get New Members Involved

1. Clarify the Mission and Vision

When people join a church they want to know why that church exists and what it is trying to achieve. Every church has a different mission and vision and church leadership should be consistently reminding church members of the call and the mission. This can be done in a number of different ways.  Weaving the mission and vision into the sermons is one of the best ways to keep it in front of the people but you can also use other media for this.  The church newsletter, website, printed materials and print on walls in public areas are ways to communicate.  This constant reminder reinforces current members and inspires people who are on the fence of participation.

2. Articulate the Need

It take people to get involved and help to achieve the mission and this need should be communicated clearly and consistently.  Church members need to understand what the challenges are and the support needed to realize the vision.  Schedule specific weeks or months of the year to focus on articulating the need to support the call.

3.  Organized Systems

Everyone appreciates organized systems. Even people who are not particularly organized enjoy simple and streamlined processes. Engage current church members and volunteers and solicit their help in identifying areas that need improvement and constantly raise the bar on structure and organization.  The beauty of organized processes is that once the system is built it merely needs ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly.  Everyone benefits.

4. Use Others to Recruit

new church member involvement

Every organization should have individuals designated to identifying new people and welcoming them to the organization.  Use these people to help explain the mission and encourage participation. Have them partner with new members and orient them to the culture and internal processes.

5.  Create Easy Access

Use the church newsletter and website to make information about getting involved easily accessible.  Take advantage of these communication media to provide easy steps to access involvement.  Provide contact information to people who can answer questions and help facilitate the process of involvement.

Churches need to get members involved in serving and giving of their time and financial resources to achieve the mission.  Making the process easy and systematic can help facilitate a positive transition for new members.  Keep in mind that the demands of life and seasons of life can influence a person’s ability to get involved.  Be sensitive to those personal demands and let God lead them to identifying their place in the church!

How do you get new members involved?

photo by:  Old Shoe Woman